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Fouda elected to board, October 12, 2019.
Fouda backs Ardern for Nobel Prize, June 2019.
Al Noor: Wounds revealed after March 15, 2019.
Al Noor: Stack of bodies, March 15, 2019.
Al Noor Mosque minbar, March 15, 2019.
At the End of Faith, 2018. Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Man found with ISIS videos escapes jail, 2018.
Man jailed for possessing ISIS videos, 2016.
Fighting Prejudice, Christchurch, 2016.
Ramadan begins, 2016.
Radicalized Kiwi a 'good boy', 2016.
Syrian refugees put down roots, 2016.
Thank you, says refugee, 2016.
Shaymaa setting sail for peace, 2016.
Refugees hold picnic in park, 2016.
Kiwis protest cleric's execution, 2016.
'Don't worry about ISIS,' 2015.
Kiwi girls may be jihadi brides, 2015.
Attacks on Muslims 'unacceptable', 2015.
Stay in touch, police tell Muslims, 2015.
Feilding Islamic Center opens, 2015.
Feilding Islamic Center planned, 2015.
Islam Open Day, Palmerston North, 2015.
Islam Open Day, Auckland, 2015.
Vigil for Syrian refugees, 2015.
Vigil for refugees, Palmerston North, 2015.
Woman abused for 'ISIS' burqa, 2015.
French vet to help islanders, 2015.
Vigil for Rohingyas, Palmerston North, 2015.
Vigil for Rohingyas, Palmerston North, 2015.
Prayers mark the start of Ramadan, 2015.
Islamic mega-center gets green light, 2015.
1st Century of Muslim Settlement, to 2015.
Taihape Masjid opens, 2014.
Islam Open Day, Palmerston North, 2014.
Masjid An-Nur (Christchurch) Open Day, 2014.
March for Gaza, Palmerston North, 2014.
Tom Scott cartoon denigrates Palestinians, 2014.
Palmerston North dairy smoke-free.
'Islam: A Beautiful Life,' 2014.
Palmerston North Esplanade Day, 2014.
Eid al-Adha barbecue, 2013.
Manawatu Standard welcomes Afghans, 2013.
Hamilton Masjid, 2013.
Frankton mosque plans unveiled, 2012.
Kiwis' role in Afghanistan exposed, 2012.
NZ 'must stay course' in Afghanistan, 2012.
Sonny Bill Williams embraces Islam, 2011.
Malcolm Evans' top cartoon: Bikini Vs Hijab, 2011.
US spies on Kiwi Muslims, 2010.
Muslims abandon Chch mosque, 2007.
'Pope hits the mark' on Islam, 2006.
Apostasy racket: Daniel Shayesteh, 2006.
Islam has problems, says Drury, 2006.
Mosque woes analyzed, 2006.
Christchurch Mosque woes, 2006.
Christchurch Mosque woes, Part 2, 2006.
Muslim head girl at Catholic school, 2006.
Think twice about war, says MP, 2003.
Albanian and Bosnian women, 2000.
Obit: Sheikh Hafiz, 1938-1999.
Serb myth about Albanians, 1999.
Bosnia's 'man of peace' in Auckland, 1995.
Bosnia's 'man of peace' (text only), 1995.
It's not Islam, says Iran ambassador, 1992.
'Woman as animal,' by Matthew Parris, 1992.
NZ Christians target Egypt, 1992.
Reply to editorial below, 1992.
'Democracy is slowly coming,' 1992.
Obit: Muhammed Nabi Khan, 1896-1992.
Jim Stier defends missions, 1991.
Doulos missionaries killed, 1991.
Christians pray for Adil, 1991.
War sets stage for last days, 1991.
Christians exploit Gulf crisis, 1990.
Wellington Islamic Center vandalized, 1990.
NZ Muslims threatened over Gulf crisis, 1990.
Adil Ireland performs Hajj, 1990.
Adil Ireland wearing ihram, 1990.
Hajj pilgrim's ID tag, 1990.
Hajj pilgrim's boarding pass, 1990.
Piece of the Kiswah from the Ka'ba, 1990.
Collapse of Islam predicted, 1990.
Haroom Bhikoo bashed in street, 1990.
Rushdie: 'Fanatical censorship' hit, 1989.
Shaik Abdullah Dougan's grave, 1988.
NZ not 'indifferent' on Mideast, 1988.
Sir Randal Elliott speaks out on Gaza, 1988.
Sword of Islam TV documentary, 1987.
Defamation action against Listener, 1987.
Sword reaction: Barratt & Shameem, 1987.
Sword reaction: Lee & Caaros, 1987.
Sword reaction: Ahmad Attari, 1987.
Sword reaction: Jeffrey Sluka, 1987.
Sword reaction: Chris van der Krogt, 1987.
Sword reaction: Adil Ireland, 1987.
Sword reaction: Ireland's uncut letter, 1, 2, 3, 4.
Sword reaction: Saiyed Dean, 1987.
Sword reaction: William Shepard, 1987.
Sword reaction: W O Little, 1987.
Sword reaction: Manawatu Muslims, 1987.
Abdur Razzaq letter to Adil Ireland, 1987.
Listener letter on Sword of Islam, 1987.
Sword of Islam, Part 1, 1987.
Sword of Islam, Part 2, 1987.
Adil Ireland letter on Murray Dixon, 1986.
Murray Dixon Letter on Choudhary, 1986.
Message is peace, says Choudhary, 1986.
FIANZ reaction to Laffin's tour, 1986.
Laffin: 'Islam mired in past', 1986.
Laffin meeting bars Abdur Razzaq, 1986.
Laffin warns NZ about Islam, 1986.
Defending Islam: Adil Ireland, 1986.
Laffin's letter on Ashraf Choudhary, 1986.
Ashraf Choudhary on Islam, 1986.
Laffin's 'The Arab Mind' condemned, 1986.
Minarets in Ponsonby, Listener, 1979.
Mazhar Krasniqi & Abdul Rasheed, 1979.
Laffin's racism in 'The Arab Mind', 1978.
Muslims to pay more for burial, 1976.
Front of 'The Arab Mind', Cassell, 1975.
Abdullah Dougan in Afghanistan, 1974.
Obit: Mohammed Firoz Khan, -1973.
Anjum Rahman aged 6, 1972.
NZ Muslims Support Arab Cause, 1967.
 1950s ~ 1850s
NZMA established, 1958.
Muslims raising funds for mosque, 1956.
Sheikh Mohammed Din, 1877-1945.
Mohammed Din in Chathams. Early 1940s?
Suicide at Sea, 1939.
Ramadan observance aboard ship, 1934.
Mazhar Shukri Krasniqi biography, 1931-2019.
Mohammad Sayed called up, 1917.
Mohammed Din in court, 1913.
Croatians & Bosnians on gumfields, 1909.
'A Disobedient Arab' in court, 1908.
Issue of wearing a fez in court, 1907.
Muslim Indian 'Bezire' dies, 1902.
'Mohamid Allie' in Wanganui, 1895.
'Arab of Muscat' in court, 1861.
Census shows 4 'Mahometans' in NZ, 1861.
Auckland census lists 2 'Mussulman', 1855.