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Japan's wartime cartoons

Etsuro Kato (1899-1959) drew cartoons for The Japan Times during the Pacific War. (The cartoons' credit line reads: "Specially drawn for The Japan Times and Advertiser by Etsuro Kato.")

As a cartoonist, Kato is said to have "exhibited a high degree of ideological flexibility", in that he began his career as a leftist, became a fascist/imperialist during the 1930s, and reverted to socialism during the American occupation. It should be remembered, however, that many Japanese displayed such protean characteristics, in response to the vicissitudes of life in the 20th century.

The cartoons, as reproduced here, are from photo-
graphs I took in 1966. Hence the poor quality, for which I apologize.

Uncle Sam juggling
July 22, 1941: Uncle Sam juggles aid to Britain, aid to the Soviet Union and aid to Chiang Kai-shek.

Japan delivers knockout blow
December 10, 1941: Japan delivers a knockout blow to its hapless adversaries.

Enemies scream for help
December 16, 1941: "Help!" cry the shipwrecked Roosevelt (front), Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek.

Can We Get Home?
December 20, 1941: Churchill and Roosevelt — labeled "Asia Fleet" and "Pacific Fleet" — stagger along.

You'll Have to Wait - F.D.R.
December 24, 1941: John Bull gets barely a drip from the barrel, while F.D.R. tries to plug a massive leak labeled "Hawaii debacle".

The Japanese view of British India

Indian volcano erupts
August 11, 1942: This cartoon was headlined, "The Volcano Erupts".

Indian elephant throws out British
August 12, 1942: This cartoon was headlined, "Throw Out the Usurpers".

John Bull guards jailed Indian nationalists
August 14, 1942: This cartoon, showing John Bull guarding imprisoned Indian nationalists, had no headline.

War Bonds: A good investment?

Japanese War Bonds advertisement
The text reads: "Every yen you invest in the War Bonds will help to pave the way to the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere."