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Faites défiler vers le bas pour ma collection d'illustrations politiques portant sur la Guerre Franco-Prussienne de 1870. Traduction: Saad El Manar.

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Patriotic dachshund, 1914
Patriotic dachshund: From Punch, September, 1914.
Click here to see the German dachshund begging.
Cliquez ici pour voir le teckel allemand mendier.

Canny historical features

Balkan Beast: Bulgaria in World War I, Part 1.
Balkan Beast: Bulgaria in World War I, Part 2.
Britain's Jewish Problem, by M.G. Murchin, 1939.
Catalog of Edwardian Kisses.
中国陶瓷烧瓶。Chinese ceramic flask, 1800s.
一瓶'奇迹宝贝'的药。Chinese medicine, 1800s.
Colonial architecture: Greenhaugh, NZ, 1874.

Death of a Zeppelin, 1916, Part 1.
Death of a Zeppelin, 1916, Part 2.
Delhi in the 1850s. Map of British India forces.
Franco-Prussian War, 1870: Cartoons from Punch.
Golden age of book binding.
India in the 1700s: Collection of engravings.
Ireland in turmoil: Collection of engravings.
Japanese traditional kokeshi dolls, late 1960s.
Japanese wartime cartoons, from Japan Times.

Images of Morocco

Mr Schmidt becomes Mr Smith, Punch, 1914.
John Bull holds door against women's suffrage.
Life and Times of Queen Victoria, Vol 1.
Queen Victoria: Early pictures.
Routledge's rhymes for children, circa 1885.
Russians in New Zealand, 1820.
Scenes from early 19th-century NZ (1) (2).

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The Cotswolds, by G.F. Nicholls, 1908.
The Fringes of Edinburgh, by Arthur Wall, 1926.
The Japan Times in the late 1960s.
The Japan Times Monogatari, 1966.
ジャパン タイムズ ものがたり.
Victorian architecture: 102 Dorridge Road, 1887.
Victorian Bovril advertisements.
Victorian or Edwardian stoneware ink bottles, NZ.
Wellington, NZ: Cost of the city's land in 1839.
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  1870: Le dos de la France est contre le mur.

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My forum at Bravenet: Post your ad here. The view from the crow's nest.
Current Affairs: A record of my reading. Chronology of Muslim community. Some of my published poems.
Tony Curran: Rise and fall of a wannabe journalist.
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Slavery: In war, the fate of the losing side. For more pic-
tures from early Aotearoa / New Zealand, click here.

Victorian gadgets

Chastity belts for him and her.
Dr Sanden's Electric Belt.
Dr. Scott's Electric Corset wards off disease.
Dr. Scott's Electric Flesh Brush makes you tingle.
Dr. Scott's Electric Girdle revitalizes.
Foot's Adjustable Rest-Chair.
Health Jolting Chair is great shakes.
Ladies' Handbook of Home Treatment, 347-353.
Madame Rowley's Toilet Mask: The first facelift.
Penile ring: Don't leave home without one.

Indian dancing girl
India in the 1700s-1800s: Scenes from Cassel's Illustrated History of India, Vol. I, by James Grant, published in 1876. Click here to view the gallery.
(The above picture shows a girl performing the
"egg dance". Click it to see it in full size.)

Variolation panel

Bone Art Place

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