Britannia and lion

Poor old Britannia. The times have certainly changed. Not even a great domain name from will save granny. The lion has also seen better days.

Historical features (continued)

Apollo 17: Items from Time, January 1973.
Apollo program's 10th anniversary.
Arthur C. Clarke on space travel, 1979.
God, Man and Apollo, by Mayo Mohs.
Skylab drama, 1979.
NZ Listener article on Apollo, 2018. 1. 2. 3. 4.
Flying saucer from early Gulliver's Travels.

Japanese Jesus banner

Archive of the New Zealand Muslim community.
Christchurch: The Psyop That Deceived a Nation. Christchurch: Alleged survivors of 'shooting'.

Japanese postcards, late 1960s.
The art of Kojin Kudo, 1915-2011.

Elizabeth I banner

History of the NZ Communist Party.
History of the NZ School Dental Service.
World War I recruiting poster.
Zealandia nature reserve, Wellington.

Dayan's Vision of Coexistence, 1979.
El Al map of Israel, 1958, includes all Palestine.
Glubb debunks Zionist David-and-Goliath myth.
Jews must conquer the world, says Wolffsohn.

Palestine Gallery banner

Jews are colonists in Palestine, says Koestler.
Map of Zionists' territorial claim of 1919.
Palestine demographics, 1946.
Palestine land ownership, 1945.
Palestine: The Reality, by J.M.N. Jeffries, 1939.
Zionist land holdings in Palestine, 1939.


Three girls under umbrella

The caption to this painting, in the popular temperance magazine Hand and Heart, reads "April showers bring May flowers". Publication date: 1896. Bit too early for a great domain name from

Britannia admonishes Egypt, Punch, 1924.
Cairn on Craig Lowrigan in memory of Albert.
How (not?) to propose marriage.
Lady Isabella Roberts.
Lord Roberts as a lieutenant in 1851.
Marriage cart, Bikaner, Rajasthan, 1905.
Old postcard: Shameless tea drinkers.
Pears' Soap advertisement, 19th century.

Pekingese women

A group of 'Pekingese' women: Photograph from Things Seen in China, by J.R. Chitty, 1912. A little early for a great domain name from