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The Jews were 'colonists' who 'conquered' Palestine, says Koestler

Promise and Fulfilment, Pages 32-33
Note the use of the words "colonizatory", "colonists" and "colonization" in the first two paragraphs. Aurthur Koestler uses these words unabashedly, for two reasons: (1) They accurately reflect the nature of the Zionist enterprise, and (2) "Colonialism", in 1949, was not yet a deprecatory term. Even in philosophical circles, it was still considered acceptable for a "progressive" (i.e. European) society to supplant a "backward" (i.e. Middle Eastern or African) society. And the "natives", needless to say, were still expected to be grateful for their conquerors' crumbs. Promise and Fulfilment: Palestine 1917-1949, by Arthur Koestler*, Papermac, 1983.

Promise and Fulfilment, Pages 34-35 * Koestler was in Palestine in 1948 as a war correspondent for the Manchester Guardian. His book was first published in 1949 by Macmillan.